Sunday, 18 May 2014

Self Portrait

I am a member of a group on Facebook called 31 days. Each day they give you a topic and each member of the group creates a piece of art based on it. Today was 'Draw something hard'. I am hopeless at drawing people so I decided to have a go at doing a self-portrait from a photo I took. Not convinced it looks much like me BUT I did still do it blind (just didn't take my pen off the page) so I am rather thrilled that it looks human and not alien. 

(Not selling this...don't think anyone would want it. LOL)

Photo the drawing is based on


Mel said...

I find it amazing that you turned out with such cute hair! LOL. In both pictures!! ;-)

Carol said...

Mel - Hahaha, you say cute I say like a mop :-D. I would so kill to have straight hair that didn't make my normal look quite so 'dragged through hedge backwards'.

C x

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