Saturday, 20 October 2012


This symbol represents the Vine Tree and covers birthdays from Sept 2nd to Sept 29th

We had a lovely day yesterday. Since Chris's birthday had kind of been hijacked by the book launch we decided to celebrate it today. We spent the morning meandering around Covent Garden (Fopp and Forbidden Planet), met up with Tom for lunch, went to our favourite wine bar, The Cork and Bottle, for dinner and then spent the evening at the Comedy Store in Piccadilly. 
It was a very funny and drunken night!

Today we went to the British Museum. I've not been in years and Chris had never been...we had a great morning meandering around although we probably didn't even get to see a quarter of what was there. Did enjoy the Egyptian artefacts and the big old Enlightenment Room.


Mel said...

Happy Belated birthday wishes to himself!

What a lovely time of it--all that 'doings-stuff' followed by more doings!
Seriously--he'd never been to the Museum?
Hahaha....even I've meandered there!

I guess it's true--it's those things in your own back yard that you don't experience, huh?
Human beings are silly, huh? ;-)

There's a Vine Tree?! Oh, the things I'm learning!

Carol said...

Mel - We did have a lovely time and we did indeed do a lot of 'doings-stuff'. It was a wee bit of a shame that his birthday was kind of taken over by the book launch but I think we managed to make up for it!

Nope, hadn't been...but now we have and we're planning to go back another time to see the rest of it! It is always the way...when its in your own back yard you always think that there is plenty of time to do things and then you move and you think 'wish we'd gone to see...."

Yup, there is indeed a Vine Tree :-)

C x

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