Friday, 12 October 2012


This symbol represents the Rowan Tree and covers birthdays from Jan 21st to Feb 17th.

(We're off to Wales for the weekend. We're going to climb a mountain...I'm really looking forward to it but I'm also a bit apprehensive to be honest cause I've not been out walking as much as I would have liked recently! Hope I don't end up in as much pain as I was in the last time I climbed a mountain!)


Mel said...

I shall now have to find out what a Rowan Tree is!

And I'm sure you've had a lovely time on the weekend trek. (I saw photos when I scrolled backwards....LOL)

Carol said...

Mel - A Rowan Tree is supposed to have lots of mystical properties. In Scottish mythology it has two meanings...the first is that you should plant it at the front of your house to ward off witches and the second is that it is a symbol of home and comfort. They were also used a guides in the winter because of their red berries...

C x

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