Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chapter 7 - Primary Data Collection

You can buy a copy of 'Research And Evaluation for Busy Practitioners: A Time-Saving Guide' by Helen Kara here


Mel said...

This one is cool.

Seriously, I don't know how you do it! Some must have been more taxing than other and some must have jumped right out and grabbed you.
Secondary data.......LOL Egads--I'm amazed any of it happened, but it did! And it's published!! Official and everything..... Holy cow..... That is soooooooooo cool!

Carol said...

Mel - I have to be honest, I found Chapter 6 and 7 quite challenging cause I just wasn't sure how I was going to go about illustrating them. They are simple concepts but trying to translate them into images was not easy!

Hehehe, I'm amazed any of it happened too but, as you said, it did :-D

C x

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