Saturday, 6 October 2012


We went to Centre Parks for a couple of days to visit our lovely friends Steve, Michelle and their gorgeous little girl Sofia (they were there on holiday and we gate crashed...tis ok...we were invited!). It was in Longleat forest and it was just stunning! (We had such a good laugh....the cabin they had rented had a hot tub... we had champagne and ferrero rocher in the hot tup in the rain at midnight!) Anyway, whilst we were meandering about it made me realise just how much I have forgotten about plants and...well...nature in general. I used to know loads when I was a kid so when we got back I started googling (cause google knows everything!) and came across an ancient celtic language dating from the 4th century. Now, anyone that knows me will know how fond I am of symbols so I couldn't resist having a play around with it. This says Carol :-).

 (Oh, and if your wondering how I came across it...the alphabet consists of twenty letters, each named for a different tree believed to be sacred)


Mel said...

Hot tub with champagne at midnight AND you came up with this?!

Lemme assure you that would NOT happen were it me!
It's lovely. And you're right--it would make a unique tattoo.

Carol said...

Mel - Hehehe...never under estimate the creative powers of champagne and chocolate!

C x

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