Thursday, 11 October 2012


I have an idea! 

Each of these symbols is linked to a tree and to a month...soooo if I separate them out then I could paint the symbol onto it's corresponding wood. I think that would make a rather lovely birthday gift and they could be hung on the wall without the expense of having to get a picture framed. (Anyone any idea where I might be able to source wood for this? I'm thinking....slice through a branch so that I would have a round shape (ideally with the bark still on the outside), sand the middle till it's smooth, paint the symbol onto it and then attach a wee hook. Think this is a good idea?). 

I think you can probably guess what the next few pictures are going to be

This symbol represents the Birch Tree and covers birthdays from Dec 24th to Jan 20th.


Mel said...

Oh, that's a very creative idea! Do you have a dumping place for cut trees/garden waste around there? Or a neighbor whose tree is hanging onto your property?
..k.....that last one isn't probably the wisest resource, huh?

Carol said...

Mel - Westonbirt Arboretum is not far from where we live so I'm pretty sure I could contact them about getting some wood for this project. I think that would be better than upsetting the neighbours :-D

C x

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