Sunday, 9 September 2012

Woman Reading (BCD Painting)

Yup, am enjoying this technique so much I decided to have another go with the other drawing I did whilst sitting at the station. This hasn't turned out quite so well...I got an ink splodge on her lips and now she looks a bit like she's been punched in the face! Oh well, I did say I would share the good, bad and the ugly here...and I think she falls into the ugly category!

Am now off to see Andy Hamilton at the Theatre. Hope he's good!


The bike shed said...

Ah but I quite liked that splodge - Francis Bacon used to paint mouths with a smudge or swipe - very difficult are mouths!

Mel said...

Oh, I don't think she's ugly....but from how it looks to me, she's vocal!

Just sayin'.....LOL....perspective, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but her eyes and her coat... I love that this character's face popped out of your BCD (and people-watching). I would love to see her face show up again. Sans lip blotch. ;-)

Carol said...

Mark - They are indeed! I struggle with faces if I'm honest...not just mouths :-)

Mel - Hahaha, I love that you think she's vocal!

Jennifer - I shall have a go at doing her again...hopefully without the lip blotch :-)

C x

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