Thursday, 27 September 2012


I do love what I do in my day job but sometimes I find it very depressing! Today I discovered that, despite it being proven that people with dementia are willing and able to comment on their care (even those with limited verbal communication skills), the majority of studies involving people with dementia are all about 'improving their behaviours' rather than about improving the system and very few of them involved getting the view of the person with dementia. *sigh*
Sunflowers always make me smile and today I felt like I needed to smile!


Mel said...

Well, go figure we don't include the victim of the disease...*sigh*

BRING on the sunflowers and flutterbys!!
(tell me the studies at least include the FAMILIES of the person....please?)

(Sometimes we're really missing the mark on the loving thing to do, huh?)

Anonymous said...

Love the sepia tones! I bet this will be a seller on your Etsy site!

Anonymous said...

ps - I hope your sunflower made you smile.

Mel said...

k.....I've come for another look cuz I'm trying to figure out how you did that!

LOL Yes, I'm a nosy Nellie! ;-)
I hope the weekend brought smiles by the dozens and rest....sweet, blissful rest!

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