Thursday, 20 September 2012

Out And About # 5

This is a little better but she has scary eyebrows  
(the woman it's based on didn't have scary eyebrows! Although, it does look like her!)


Mel said...

Wow..... I was all about the earrings and didn't notice the eyebrows.
Which I do now.

Oddly--FIFTEEN posts suddenly appeared in my Reader today.

HOLY moly you've been a very busy woman.
Either that or my reader is broken....OR both! :-D

Carol said...

Mel - How did you miss the eyebrows!? They are kind of spectacular!

Yeah, I added a whole load today. I've still been doing a drawing a day just not always getting round to uploading them...mind you, in saying that, yesterday was a drawing day and I did manage to do four of the ones I missed in August!

C x

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the eyebrows until I read what you said about them. It's just because they're outlined, I think.

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