Saturday, 8 September 2012

Man Reading (BCD Painting)

I enjoyed doing yesterday's so much that I decided to re-visit one of my old BCD drawings. This is the new version of 'Man Reading'.
I think this has turned out pretty well.


Mel said...

Okay...honestly? With my eyes OPENED I couldn't make something look like that!

Geeze you're a talented gal!!

Carol said...

Mel - LOL!! It's easier with your eyes shut cause you have no idea what's going on on the page! It's as much a surprise to me at the end of the drawing as it is to everyone else :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Another lovely character! I really dig the similarities between this and the previous (next, actually) ink blotch lip lady - a retro feel. Love them. Love even more that they arose from BCDs.

Carol said...

Jennifer - I am so enjoying doing these! Will definitely have a go at doing more :-)

C x

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