Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Literature Review

I am currently working on doing a literature review for my dementia research project. I spent the day searching the internet trying to find relevant information for the study. Some of the stuff I found was useful...other stuff...not so much! I decided to try and capture that process in today's drawing. The arrows depict my searches and the 0110 bit actually says 'Literature Review' in binary code.

(Don't know what happened to the light when I was taking the photo of this. 
It's pen and ink on white paper)


Blu said...

Hi Glad you are back online, love those squiggly arrows!

Carol said...

Blu - Not as glad as I am!! Although our router is old and keeps falling over...BT were meant to send us a new one but that hasn't happened yet!

I felt I was all over the place in my searches today. Out of practice cause not had to do one for a while!

C x

Mel said...

I FEEL a bit like the work you shared. And....as far as I know......dementia has not set in.

Binary was a good choice--it just made it cooler then it woulda been!

Carol said...

Mel - Snap! Cause that is how I was feeling at the end of the days work! It's going slowly...I'll get there though!

Yeah, there is something rather cool about Binary...I just couldn't resist!

C x

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