Saturday, 22 September 2012

C for Colleen (Rough)

I've been commissioned to do a pen and ink 'C for Colleen' as a birthday present. She loves Escher and her Dad asked me to do something that gives a nod to him. This is the rough I came up that point I had not quite worked out how I was going to frame it but this was my starting point. 

(I'm putting this up retrospectively. 
It is her birthday today so she will already have seen the finished article :-D)


The bike shed said...

Have you framed it already, because I think a circular mount woud be good?

Carol said...

Mark - It's already been framed. Her Dad wanted me to incorporate the impossible triangle into the design so I used that idea to frame the you can see on the next post.

C x

Ps. Am half way through your book and it's wonderful! I'm taking my time and savouring it...will blog about it once I've finished it.

Mel said...

Wow....and that was the ROUGH?

I think it's awesome.
And I adore how it turned out.

Carol said...

Mel - Yup, I had the main C worked out then photocopied it so I could play about with the inside.

Hehehe, very glad you like it! I was pleased with how it turned out!

C x

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