Thursday, 23 August 2012


The guys we hired to move us worked their socks off and did a great job bringing everything up and down three flights of stairs BUT I think they may have had one brain cell between them! Despite being told not to take any of the white goods from the old house they took the washing machine (and put it on the then leaked water all over it!) and the dishwasher....they had to be told to take them back and that yes, we did want the washing machine plumbed back in! They also took our neighbours bikes and I had to text them to let them know that they had not been stolen then, when they were unpacking, they just stacked the boxes in the most ridiculous manner ensuring that, by the time they had finished, we couldn't get into any room in the house! I was nearly in tears...everywhere I looked were walls of boxes!!

On a happier note, Chris was a wee sweetie last night. When he was away dropping off the bits and bobs at the new house he popped into John Lewis and bought us new bedding, new posh towels (that match our decor!) and a box of chocolates then he went and made up the bedroom as a surprise for me! How lovely was that!! I do love him loads!


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