Friday, 3 August 2012

Ukulele # 2 (BCD)

I had to re-visit my lovely Ukulele because the last drawing did it no justice what-so-ever! I'm liking this one much has more soul!


Moggiehouse said...

I like your drawings. If you haven't seen it already, check out the TV programme about George Formby, and ukelele-playing made by Frank Skinner. He sings and plays at the George Formby Appreciation Society. Some of the members were quite young children. You might find it interesting. Love Mum xxx

Moggiehouse said...

Here is the web address - it's an hour-long programme he did for the BBC.

Carol said...

Mum - I've not seen it but it sounds amazing. Will check it out over the next couple of days :-)

Love xxx

The bike shed said...

Agreed - more soul. I ordered a VERY expensive banjo today as a present for myself and haven't even told Jane yet!

PS There is a very big blue grass festival at Didmarton / Kemble at end of August - reckon I might go.

Carol said...

Mark - and how much trouble are you in now?

I didn't know there was a blue grass festival on. Oooh I would love to go but it will depend on how the house move has gone/is going!

C x

Anonymous said...

Continue to be amazed at your BCDs. Love the uke in general. Have you ever seen that young guy play Bohemian Rhapsody on his ukelele? If you haven't google it. So worth it!

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