Saturday, 4 August 2012

Put Your Feet Up

Today has been all about putting the feet up and watching the Olympics! 

(I've tried to do the feet in the style of Egon Schiele. I don't think I have done them 'Ugly' enough but I am rather pleased with how they turned out!)


The bike shed said...

These are good too - I though of Schiele before I saw your comment - he places the image so well on the paper. Of course he was completely weird and died young, so only emulate his art!

Carol said...

Mark - I am over the moon that you thought of Schiele before seeing the comment...means that I managed what I set out to do. Yup, I love how he places his work on the page...the spaces around it speak almost as loudly as the paintings!

Hahaha, I will do my best to only emulate his art :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Well done! I bet you've been having lots of these moments during your take over of the house!

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