Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hot Air Balloon

Had a lovely day today...not sure if Chris would agree...but I had a lovely day today. It started with coffee and biscuits at our lovely friends Steve and Michelle's new house. (Ok, so it wasn't just coffee...we had prosecco and chocolates...but we did have coffee too!). Then we went into Bristol and went to Ikea to have a look at what we might get for the new house (this is the bit that Chris won't agree with...he hates Ikea with a passion) and then we drove home. 

So why, I hear you ask, have you drawn a hot air balloon for todays drawing? Well, it was Bristol's hot air balloon festival this weekend and we saw lots of them on our journeys there and back :-) 
(See, all makes perfect sense now doesn't it!)


Mel said...

Ahhhhhh... And I thought you were a mind reader! We had one inflate in the park last weekend. Cutest little dragon one--I watched it float off, happy for the viewing.

Carol said...

Mel - But I am a mind reader...that wee story about the balloon festival was just a ploy....



Maybe not

C x

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