Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hot Air Balloon # 3

So, doing a drawing a day has proven impossible to do whilst moving house!! The stress of packing everything up, trying to paint the new house prior to the move, building furniture and dealing with the muppets that did our removal proved too much for me! I am now going to try and do two a day till I have made up the ones I have missed because I really want to end up with 365 drawings at the end of the year. I have taken a note of significant things that happened over the period so that I can still do a drawing related to what was going on.

(There will still be the opportunity to win a drawing in August it will just take me a while to catch up but once I do normal service will be resumed!) 


Mel said...

Hahaha......now, I like this one too! Whatever are you going to do with me. I like ALL of 'em! And yep....still mostly the basket!! But I will say, this collage deal made me smile for some reason.

Ughhh....you're way more disciplined that I wanna be!
*laughing* This from a woman who posts daily.
*rolling eyes* Yes, I know where the naughty corner is!

Carol said...

Mel - Hahaha, at least you know where it is and I don't need to send you directions :-)

I just thought I would try something different with it...and yeah, I'm still liking the basket bit best too! Although doing this yesterday gave me a wee idea for something that I could do with the basket so I'm going to have a go at doing it tonight...watch this space :-)

C x

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