Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blues # 1

We've been listening to quite a lot of Blues music since coming back from WOMAD so I thought I would try and translate that into a painting. I think this works as an idea but the execution is not there. I used masking tape round the squares and when I took it off it ripped a bit of the paper and caused the blue smudge. (Mind you...I could still get prints made of it cause the imperfections could be removed after it had been scanned. Hmmm....)


The bike shed said...

I like these - and imperfections make hem more ;'real' - never rub out marks, my utor used to say; they are part of the painting's history.

PS I'll send you a copy of my book when I get the review copies

Carol said...

Mark - Ooohhh I would love a copy of your book! You do write beautifully!

I know what you mean about the imperfections making them look more 'real' but to my tidy mind...

(unfortunately my mind is the only tidy thing about me)

C x

Anonymous said...

I've been so busy lately, I haven't got around to visiting proper, but I did see these lovely watercolour pieces come through my mail. So beautiful! DO make prints! They are perfect to add highlights to spots in a home.

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