Monday, 23 July 2012

Vacuum (BCD)

So my grand plan didn't quite work out today! In my head I was going to package up my prints and post them off (tick), come back and update the Etsy site (tick) and then tidy the house because it is WOMAD this weekend and my lovely Sis-In-Law is coming with her man (Tom is coming too but he doesn't care if the place is a mess). So I didn't get round to the last task on my list....I did do a BCD of the Vacuum...that's a start isn't it? No? Oh *pouts*

(I actually think it looks a bit like some alien beetle monster thing)


Blu said...

Looks like a Dyson to me LOL

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great drawing Carol, I really like the lines - whilst also agreeing with Blu's comment above, he he.

Will miss 'Not only in Thailand' but I'll keep up with what you're doing via art is autobiographical. Lesley x

Carol said...

Blu - It is a Dyson :-D

Lesley - I have to is much more fun drawing the vacuum than it is actually using it!

I will miss 'Not Only In Thailand' too but I blog here every day so it makes sense to retire it!

C x

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