Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Untitled # 5 (Colour)

I am slowly working my way through the colour versions of these...just one more to do and I am finished the watercolour versions. I like how this one has turned out so didn't want to do too much black work over the top of it. 

In other exciting news, I was contacted by a local Art Co-operative today. They had found my shop on Etsy and wanted to invite me to both join their group and to take a stand at a big (and when I say big I actually mean HUGE) event in Oxford. I would love to say yes, and will to joining them, but whether I can do the event or not I just don't know. Apparently there will be flyers going out to 64,000 businesses and I have no idea how much stock I would need to be able to take part. I don't want to bankrupt myself and have too many but I also wouldn't want to underestimate and not have enough. I think I have some thinking to do....


D..J. Kirkby said...

Oh I hope you can do the event. Can't you just take a small amount of stock, a photo album and an order pad? You send your prints so beautifully wrapped that they are a double delight to receive.

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