Monday, 2 July 2012

Thai Hand Clappers

When we lived in Thailand we came across these can get ones that are hand shaped and ones that are shaped as feet. You wave them and they make a clapping sound (to me they are the sound of the riots that took place in Thailand when we were there). I was looking around for something to draw when I spotted these...strange thing is, the 'feel' drawing kinda looks like them.

 I've enjoyed doing these but am going to try something different tomorrow I think.


TALON said...

How different these things are. I'm sorry they are associated with what must have been a scary time. But I think you captured their movement perfectly, Carol.

Carol said...

Talon - I'm going to WOMAD (World Of Music And Dance) at the end of this month and I am seriously considering taking hands ached at the end of the festival last year.

I will never forget the noise of so many people all waving them at the same really was rather incredible!

C x

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