Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I am absolutely shattered today! I did my first Care Home visit...was interesting but extremely hard work and a little emotional (the last time I was in a Care Home was when I was visiting my Grampa. Don't really want to think about that tonight). I have to walk past a busy pub to get back to Tom's house and as I was passing a bloke blew a puff of smoke into my face...not on purpose I hasten to add...just bad timing. He exhaled as I inhaled and I got a was all I could taste for the rest of the night. How I ever smoked I will never know! Bleurgh!

(Yes, the only reason I decided to draw the cigarette was because I wanted to have a go at burning the paper to see what effect I could get :-D)


Anonymous said...

Well done with the burning paper effect against the simple drawing. I like. And blech - I hate it when that happens!

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