Thursday, 12 July 2012

Exploring The Spaces 1

I've been thinking about the dementia work that I am doing. All the Care Homes in Tower Hamlets are privately run and, although the policies are the same, the interpretation and implementation of them is really is down to the Care Home Manager. The idea of these visits is to understand what is being done in each home and then to use that information to inform our research project. The research is to try and develop a tool to enable people with dementia to participate and have their say in the care that they receive. Basically we want to develop something that will allow us to trigger explore the spaces in their minds. I thought, since I am doing three Care Home visits, I might try doing a triptych of this idea.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the idea of trying to mine the spaces patients' minds - to make them somehow active in their care. Admirable work you're doing. I really love how you are expressing the idea in drawings. Again - it gives you depth of exploration, seeing things in alternative ways. You're a smart cookie, my friend.

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