Saturday, 16 June 2012

Untitled.1 (Colour Experiment # 2)

Before I start playing with yesterdays image I decided to have a go at trying a different technique just to see which one was worth taking forward. Using the same masking technique I decided to flick paint over the drawing rather than go for the traditional 'painting'. I really like how this has turned out. Again, the image needs more work but I like the effect. Looks like I have two to take forward!

(I could, of course, continue this series with the collage cause that worked really well (Click here) - and I may end up doing that - but the whole point of doing a drawing a day is to use the time to improve and experiment so that is what I am doing!)


Anonymous said...

How did you manage not getting the "flicking" into the white space? At any rate, I like too.

Carol said...

Jennifer - I used masking tape to block off the areas that I didn't want to get paint on...think I should have probably put paper down on the table because it, and everything on it, was covered :-)

C x

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