Thursday, 21 June 2012

Untitled.1 (Colour Experiment # 1.4)

Hmmm....I think out of all the colour versions I like the collage best (I bloody would wouldn't's the one that took the longest to do!) but I also like the watercolour with the black tangles over the top. Aaarrggg!! Cant decide what format to do the others in! What do you think?


Suburbia said...

Not managed to visit for a while... love the colours in this one :)

Hope all is well?

Anonymous said...

Wowza! I think it's fab! And groovy - feel like I should go find some bell-bottoms and tie-dye...

Carol said...

Suburbia - I seem to have gone a bit colour mad recently! Makes a nice change from all that black and white I suppose :-)

All is fine...just been having technical problems with blogger!

Jennifer - LMAO! I know exactly what you mean about tie-dye and bell bottoms :-D

C x

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