Monday, 18 June 2012

Untitled.1 (Colour Experiment # 1.1)

I think this looks loads better since I defined the lines and added some tangles to it. I'm now thinking that I should do one that is less 'messy' and perhaps I need to spend some time working out what colours need to go where. Definitely prefer this one to yesterdays but am not convinced that it works better than the collage. Still, getting there with this one me thinks :-)

(I also seem to be having some technical problems which I am going to have to iron out...these are not always coming up when they are supposed to. Will have to go google to try and find out what is going on...)


Anonymous said...

I do like those bold splashes of colour - and the added-in tangles. Thanks for taking us along on your process!

Carol said...

Jennifer - I was really pleased with this one. I think the black outlines and tangles really add something to it.

I enjoyed seeing how Jamie went about doing her paintings so am trying to share more of the process rather than just the 'finished' article.

C x

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