Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tom's Wallpaper (BCD)

I am totally knackered tonight! It was THINk's AGM today and I ended up running around like a loony putting up tables and moving chairs...200 chairs to be precise! I was sitting on Tom's sofa watching Channel 4 news (as you do!) thinking 'What can I draw?' when I realised that it was staring me in the face! So here is my blind contour drawing of Tom's Wallpaper :-)


TALON said...

So lovely! Even tired, you're an amazing artist, Carol.

Carol said...

Talon - Awww, you are so good for my ego you know that!

C x

D..J. Kirkby said...

That's gorgeous, looks like our wallpaper actually! You are getting really good at these BCDs.

Carol said...

DJ - It does look a bit like your wallpaper. Tom made me laugh...he looked at it and said 'Oohh I like that' to which I replied 'You should it's your wallpaper!'

C x

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