Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Living Room # 3

This is the final one of my living room. It features (Yes, I know your not daft but just incase you looked at that thing in the corner and thought 'What the hell is that?') our infamous cat tree or 'Cat Condo' as one of our Thai removal men called it! I swapped one of my drawings for it a few years ago and our splats love it! They sleep on it, hide in it, sharpen their claws on it and fight over who gets the top spot on it. 

(Not sure what I will work on tomorrow. I have a big work deadline looming so am thinking sketches but right now we are off to Bristol. We're going to see prometheus)


Anonymous said...

I knew that was a cat condo the minute I saw it! Well done again! Great job on the sofa too.

Carol said...

Jennifer - Lol! We've actually had people come into the house and they have had to ask what it was :-)

Glad you like the sofa...never drawn a sofa before...first time for everything eh!

C x

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