Monday, 4 June 2012

Living Room # 2

I decided that I would do another one today starting from the point I finished at yesterday. These have been really good fun to draw and I can't help but feel that it is kinda nice to have a drawing record of the living room cause (hopefully) we will be moving into our own place soon and leaving this one behind. 

So here we have the plant, dining room table with laptop and handbag on it, jacket hanging over a chair, another plant and the cupboard door. Not the most exciting drawing I have ever done but hey...

(FBers...I'm not ignoring you I can't leave comments or update my status. I just keep getting error reports...hopefully normal service will be resumed soon)


Jenny Beattie said...

Carol, I had the same FB error thing going on and I reported it to FB. They replied and it was fixed soon after. Do report it if you haven't already! jx

Carol said...

Jenny - I tried to send them a message but it wouldn't let me send either! In saying that, the bug (or whatever it was) seems to have been fixed now as I was able to post and comment yesterday.

Hope you having a lovely time with daughter and friends

C x

Anonymous said...

Way to go on that table leg! The gal rocks the "mind-hand" coordination!

Carol said...

Jennifer - *bushes* that is a lovely thing to say! I am definitely getting better at doing them!

C x

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