Sunday, 3 June 2012

Living Room # 1

I have been doing a lot of 'tight' drawings recently and, although I have enjoyed doing them, they are extremely time consuming. I've decided to try and pepper them with other things to keep both me, and you, interested. I have a number of 'drawing project' books so I picked one up, opened it at random and decided to draw whatever was suggested on the page. 

I had to do a drawing of the room I was in without ever moving the pen from the page and I had to let the pen follow my line of vision. I started at the wind chime we have hanging from the curtain rail, moved my way across the window, went down over the table, up Chris's leg, over to the drinks cabinet and then across to the patio door. The purpose of the exercise was to give the impression of what is there without trying to re-create everything in minute detail.

(I really enjoyed doing this and I was rather pleased with how Chris's foot and leg turned out)


TALON said...

I think this is very cool and must have been nice to have that looseness after all that intense detail, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Great! The leg, and the table beside it are so well done! Your style always comes through in these BCDs.

Carol said...

Talon - It was lovely to just sit back and draw without worrying about whether it was 'right' or not. :-)

Jennifer - I was really pleased with the leg...never drawn one before!

C x

D..J. Kirkby said...

Love this one!

Carol said...

DJ - *grins* I'm quite pleased with this one too!

C x

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