Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A 'High Five' to May's winner

Ok, so I'm a wee bit late in doing the draw. In my defence it was a holiday weekend and we are in the process of buying a house! The winner was chosen by Kay M Laro (an old school friend of mine) who picked number 123 and the name next to that was.....wait for it.....the lovely DK Green!

Congratulations lovely lady :-D.
Please have a look through May's pictures and select the one you would like.

Commiserations to the rest of you but hey...there is always next month!

(On a more art related note, I decided that i would make a print of my hand for todays picture. I blotted it on kitchen roll first and discovered that the pattern transferred over into the print. I love the swirls in it...a happy accident! I may now have to do some more printing...I REALLY enjoyed doing this one!)


TALON said...

Congrats, DK Green!

I love the swirls, too. I love when something unexpected turns up when creating :)

Carol said...

Talon - It was just such a happy surprise...and then prompted me to try again only doing it on purpose this time!

C x

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