Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Woman In Starbucks

Chris went into the office this morning to do a few e-mails before we went house hunting so I decided to park my bum in Starbucks and have a coffee. I knew that I would struggle to get a drawing done today if I didn't make the most of my time so here is a sketch of the woman sitting in front of me.

The house hunting went well but we have a dilemma. Do we go for the one that has captured our hearts (1930's house, original doors, wooden floors, stain glass windows, two bay windows...but has only 2 useable bedrooms the third is so small Chris wouldn't actually be able to lie down in it, a small (but perfectly formed) kitchen, 1 pretty small bathroom and a BIG garden that would take some managing ) or the one that would give us a shed load of space (HUGE kitchen diner, walking distance of Old Town, small manageable garden, four..yes..four double bedrooms, large hallway and 3 bathrooms with main bedroom on suite but it is a new build (4 years old) and lacks charm). Both are in nice areas (we checked the crime statistics), both are near schools (so easily sold on), both have visitor parking, both have garages and they are both the same price!

(We're seeing another one tomorrow which is a lot cheaper and which looks a decent size but we're not sure about the area so it could all change tomorrow or it could stay the same.
This is stressful and we've not even put an offer in anywhere yet!)


The bike shed said...

I'm for heart not head. Actually, in truth, I'm for heart and then head... in other words, consider only those you love and then make a rational choice between those.

Keep drawing.

Carol said...

Mark - I'm exactly the same! We really liked both of them but on second viewing decided that the bigger house was the one for us...the other one was lovely but there were too many compromises. We would have been changing our lifestyle to suit the house rather than having a house that suited our lifestyle and we decided that was a bit daft! We've now offered on the big one and it's been accepted...tis very exciting!

C x

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