Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wee Wooden Woman

I'm full of the cold at the moment and am feeling pretty bloody crappy (which is not good considering that I am walking 14 miles on Sunday!). I was struggling to find inspiration today till I spotted a wee wooden figure that I bought a couple of years ago. Every time I look at her she makes me smile (It's the boobs that do it!) so I decided to have a go at doing a blind contour drawing of her. Hopefully she will make you smile too :-D


Anonymous said...

She does! I am mad about dolls, puppets and humanoid figures. Loved her immediately. And well done capturing that face so well!

D..J. Kirkby said...

I like her smile! Hope you feel better soon. Good luck for Sunday. xo

Carol said...

Jennifer - I'm glad :-). It's good to have things around you that make you smile. I had no idea that you liked dolls and puppets...I have a soft spot for puppets!

DJ - Yup, she has a lovely big smile. Am feeling better today.

C x

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