Thursday, 31 May 2012

To Stop Consuming's To Stop Being Human

I was planning to do a tangle of Join The Dots # 6 today. I got on the tube and switched on my iPod and the Gotye song 'Eyes Wide Open' was playing (It's a fab on the link if you've not heard it!). When he sang the lyrics

'But it was like to stop consuming's
to stop being human
and why'd I make a change if you won't?' 

In my head I saw rows and rows of teeth leaving nothing in their wake. This is what I came up with. 
(I shall do the tangle tomorrow)


D..J. Kirkby said...

This is really freaky and scary. I understand why you did it and I guess you did it well as it makes me shudder.

Carol said...

DJ - It is a bit...but then I do like things that are a bit freaky and scary! Sorry it made you shudder though!

C x

TALON said...

I love Gotye and those lyrics couldn't be more perfectly illustrated, Carol.

Carol said...

Talon - I do too. His voice makes me think of Peter Gabriel who is one of my favourite singers of all time!

I wasn't sure if it would work but I was glad I gave it a go :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Kind of like a nightmarish landscape. Love to read how you come to interpret ideas. Way cool.

Carol said...

Jennifer - Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and that is what I did with this one. I do agree that it is somewhat nightmarish! (I worry about what goes on in my head!)

C x

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