Monday, 28 May 2012

Join The Dots # 6

What I was going to say about this has been completely blown out the water by the news we got today. Tom's tumours have shrunk again and he's now going to be treatment free for at least three months!   Totally over the moon for him!!

 In other fabulous news...the offer Chris and I put in for the Town House was accepted.
OMG I think we have just bought a house!!


Anonymous said...

Great news times two! Hooray! And so very exciting to be homeowners!

Funny, when I look at these I see images in them. This one a humanoid looking down at its bare feet and wearing a furry coat, and really big hair. Looking forward to seeing what it becomes!

Carol said...

Jennifer - I know...I can't quite believe that we are going to own our own house! No more more being kicked out cause the landlord wants to move/sell! Yay!!

I love reading what you see and then looking at them again!

C x

TALON said...

Congrats!~ Amazing news both! Oh, you and Chris are going to have some amazing adventures!

Carol said...

Talon - Thanks hon. I am still stupidly excited about is the first house we have bought together :-)

C x

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