Monday, 21 May 2012

Garden Chair

Time was short today so I drew a picture of our garden chair whilst Chris was on a conference call.

We spent the day driving round Swindon! (The fun never starts!). Since we don't really know the town we figured that the best way to start our house hunt would be to make a list of properties that looked nice and then go to look at the areas they are in to see whether we would be happy living there. We struck a lot off our list! There were some that were lovely (I Swindon...who would have thought!) so we have arranged to go see five tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

My company has an office in Swindon... If I can find a reason for them to send me over, I'll buy you a drink!

Carol said...

Jennifer - If you can find a reason for them to send you over then I will invite you to the house and cook you dinner :-)

C x

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