Friday, 25 May 2012

Costa Coffee

I was in London today and had an hour to kill whilst waiting for my train so I thought I would do a BCD of the Costa Coffee sign. I think I'm definitely getting better at doing these!

(The offer that we submitted for the big house was rejected. Neither of us were particularly surprised as it was a cheeky offer (Well, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that). We were going to up it today but I was in meetings all afternoon and didn't get the chance to speak to the Estate Agent. I actually don't think that is a bad will give the owners a chance to think things over and they might be more receptive to our higher offer on Monday. I shall keep you posted!)


Anonymous said...

You definitely ARE getting better - way to go on those letters! Going backwards on your posts - no need to comment on the offer news! Woohoo!

Carol said...

Jennifer - Yep, definitely getting better doing these...but I guess that is the point of doing a drawing a day...would be worried if I was getting worse :-D

(Woo hoo indeed!!)

C x

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