Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coffee Guy

The heavens opened when I was on my way to the station so I ducked into a coffee shop to wait! I spotted this business man, thought he looked a bit like John Prescott so I decided to do a quick BCD of him. (I do seem to be spending rather a lot of time in coffee shops recently!) 


TALON said...

Oh my God, Carol - this looks just like my Uncle Jim (who's been gone many years). How neat! And how wonderful to be back perusing your glorious artwork. I know I owe you a pic of how I framed the cranes and I'll be sending it this weekend :)

Carol said...

Talon - It is lovely to have you back my dear! How funny that he looks like your Uncle Jim :-)

Oooh...cann't wait to see what it looks like framed!

C x

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's a blind drawing. Well done! Loved him when he came through my email the other day! :-)

Carol said...

Jennifer - I know! I feel like I'm really starting to get to grips with them now :-D

C x

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