Sunday, 6 May 2012

Avebury to Stonehenge

We walked part of the Sarsen Trail today. We had the choice of doing 26 miles or 15...we chose the 15 (I think 26 might just have killed me!). Chris did it in a superb 3 hrs 55 minutes and I did it in a not too shabby 4 hrs 45 minutes. We got a medal for completing the route and I couldn't resist doing a drawing of the inside.

(and now I am going to put my wee sore feet up and not move...I may be not moving for some time!)


The bike shed said...

Been away for a while (metaphorically and physically) but catching up.

Charlton Clumps made me laugh, but then it would wouldn't it!

Well done by the way!

Carol said...

The bike shed - Ahhh, I hope I've not missed the chance to sponsor your bike ride? I accidentally deleted the e-mail and have been meaning to get in touch to ask you to send me the link again. So, erm, can you re-send me the link?

Thanks. I've just about recovered!

C x

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