Thursday, 22 March 2012

Three Tea Bags

It was kinda nice playing about with tea yesterday...I think after producing all those angry and frustrated drawings I needed to do something completely different! (Well, it was nice apart from the orange fingers I was left with! If you ever try using tea then I suggest that make sure you have some lemon juice handy...It gets rid of the orange...mostly!). So, here is what happened when I threw a teabag at my bit of paper . I did a few yesterday which I left to dry overnight...they got better as I perfected my throwing technique and I have to say that I am rather looking forward to drawing over the top of them.

(I have done another version of Syria, with the new mouth, which I will put up at some point but for now...well...I've had enough of the doom and gloom!).


Moggiehouse said...

I like these! You could try the triangular ones as well to see what kind of different splodges they make. A new take on the ink-blot tests :-) Lots of Love, Mum xxx

TALON said...

Who knew tea was such fun to splat around, Carol? I love the look of this. It reminds me of an inkblot test - you can see so many different things here than the obvious.

Carol said...

Mum - I tried doing one with the triangular tea bag shapes but it didn't work...just looked a bit odd so I went with these instead.

Talon - I know! I had great fun...although keeping the splats off the drying ones was a bit of a challenge! Yeah, made me think of an inkblot test too. I have an idea for one of them which only came to me after I looked at what the tea had done :-)

C x

Jamie Lees said...

Lovely! I hope you used my favourite tea that I can't get in Canada... Yorkshire Gold!

Carol said...

Jamie - It was builders tea I used...the stuff that you just show to some water and you can stand your spoon straight up in it!

Next time i'm in the supermarket I shall keep a look out for you and if I see any I'll buy you a box and send it over to you :-)

(I remember how awful it was not being able to get stuff when we were in Thailand)

C x

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