Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Collaboration # 2

Yup, as you can probably tell I'm still quite interested in the idea of collaboration and how ideas change and grow. In this picture the first head has taken on the idea generated by the second in yesterdays drawing....a bit like you would in a conversation when you hear something and think 'Oh that's a good idea'. The second head is more focused on the idea that was generated between them in that conversation. Some futher discussion and the end result, that has been created as a result of their collaboration, looks completely different from the starting point of the idea in 'Connecting The Dots'.


TALON said...

I love how you took it a step further, Carol.

Carol said...

Talon - :-). I just tried to think how it would work if it was an actual conversation. I have enjoyed doing the heads.

C x

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE this concept.

Carol said...

Jennifer - Clearly I spent waaay too much time thinking about these things! (But I'm glad you are enjoying them :-D)

C x

Jamie Lees said...

Pushed even farther... love it!

Carol said...

Jamie - I was just seeing it through to the end :-)

C x

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