Saturday, 3 March 2012

BCD Vase

I love this vase! It was one of the first things I bought for my first ever flat...I had no furniture, no cutlery, no anything really but I had a vase :-) (You have got to have priorities you know!). It's probably a silly thing to love. It's full of dried flowers and wooden curly things which I have added to over the years. When I look at it I see my flat in Glasgow, I see Columbia Road Flower Market in Bethnal Green, I see shopping in Camden with Tom, I see moving to Manchester to be with Chris, I see Thailand and now, when I look at it, I see Malmesbury. It currenly sits on top of the writing desk that houses all my art stuff and when I look at it I smile.


Jenny Beattie said...

That's just lovely (the story as well as the picture!)

Suburbia said...

A vase is really important when you move house as people bring you flowers!

lovely pic :-)

Carol said...

Jenny - It just brings back so many memories I couldn't resist drawing it!

Suburbia - It's a pottery one...I'm not even convinced it would hold water but its great for housing my random dried flowers and stick things :-)

C x

TALON said...

The vase is truly a treasure, Carol. I love items that become priceless in their ability to bring us joy. So lovely!

Jamie Lees said...

It's lovely although I think you should empty it and request new flowers from yer man. Just sayin'.

Carol said...

Talon - It wasn't expensive when I bought it but your's become priceless and I would be gutted if anything happened to it!

Jamie - That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?

C x

Anonymous said...

LOVE the story. Think I need to go buy some tulips today. That will be my priority.

Carol said...

Jennifer - Ooooh I love tulips! Chris bought me some the other day and I kept looking at them thinking 'I must draw them' but I never got round to it! Might have to drop hints so that he gets me some more :-)

C x

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