Sunday, 12 February 2012


Chris and I are celebrating Valentines Day today cause I'm going to be in London this week. He's quite romantic (is cooking up a storm in the kitchen as I type) so I thought I would write a message to him in binary...that way I could be as mushy as I like and no-one, apart from him, will know what it says. I started doing the 1's and 0's and then thought it might be nicer to do something a bit different with it. So here it is (it looks way better in real's straight for a start!). It says 'My home is in your arms and nowhere else' (but don't tell him I told you!)


Obviously this one will not be part of this months draw but if you like it and would like a message written to your loved one in a similar stylie then I can do one specially for you :-)


Jamie Lees said...

That is so geeky. I love it!

Carol said...

Jamie - Its very geeky....I had loads of fun doing it and he loved it :-)

C x

D..J. Kirkby said...

Oh what a gorgeous thing to say! That made my chest feel tight - it is exactly how I feel about my Chris!

Carol said...

DJ - Awww, thanks hon...its how I feel so I just decided that I would share that with him. I love that you love your Chris as much as I love mine :-D

C x

TALON said...

Who knew that binary could be so romantic! I bet Chris loved this, Carol.

Carol said...

Talon - He did :-). He took one look at it and said 'Oh. You've done something for me in Binary'. I was most impressed that he knew instantly what it was! I wrote the meaning of it on the back so we can frame it and he wont be embarassed at my soppyness :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Yes, geeky and original!

Carol said...

Jennifer - You could write all sorts of messages using it couldn't you. Perhaps I should do a range of them...Happy Birthday, Love you etc

C x

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