Thursday, 5 August 2010

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions and Imelda May

Ever heard of the term 'death Jazz'? Nope, me neither....well, until I heard the Japanese band Soil & "Pimp" Sessions. I've always liked jazz and I've always liked heavy metal (or the great unwashed as my Mum calls it) but was highly suspcious as to what on earth a merging of these two styles would sound like....I shouldn't have worried....the music that Soil & Pimp produced was out of this world!! Beats that are impossible not to move your body to, trumpets and saxaphones being blown as if the next breath will be their last and a stageshow guaranteed to get the audience going.....don't think you like Jazz? Give these guys a whirl and prepare to have your preconceptions blown all over the place!!

Now if that wasn't your thing how about giving Irish rockabilly singer Imelda May a try. She is totally obsessed with the fifties and rock and roll....her voice is sublime and she uses a bodhran to give her songs an Irish twist. I thought she totally rocked (and I read an interview in which David Bowie agreed....recomendations don't come much higher!)

(PS. We have my Mum visiting at the moment which is why blogging and commenting has been sporadic...normal service will resume next week!)


Queenie said...

My Paramour and I saw Imelda May at the Cambridge Folk Festival last weekend, she was fab.

LadyFi said...

Wow - I love Imelda May's voice. She could be my new favourite!

TALON said...

How could you have a bad day listening to Soul and "Pimp"? :) That takes jazz to a whole different level!

Imelda May's voice is so rich! I love her style. Thank you for introducing new artists to me.

Talli Roland said...

Love her style! I must check out her music too!

Juniper said...

Enjoy the visit with your mom and thanks for the tips on both groups! YOu are right about the first, it's hard not to move to it! Imelda May is great too, like her style and what a good voice!

Boonsong said...

Thanks for a great post.
Enjoy your time with your mum.
Looking forward to hearing more from you when you have the time.

All the best, Boonsong

Debs said...

Well those certainly got my feet tapping.

Mel said...

*tapping toes* can you NOT tap toes to that!

And I'm gonna haffta find Ms. May! She--is awesome!

Enjoy that visit with the mom!

Carol said...

Queenie - God that girl can sing....She is amazing live isn't she!

LadyFi - Her album is spectacular I highly recommend :-)

Talon - I just fell in love with them! We were really near the front of the stage and the atmosphere was just crazy...they were brilliant!

I thought she was great and just had to share!

Talli - You won't be disappointed!

Juniper - I had a lovely time with my Mum...we were here, there and everywhere which is why I've not been online much :-)

Glad you liked my recommendations

Boonsong - The music is not to everyone's taste but I would never have come across them if we had not gone to WOMAD so I thought I would share them for those that couldn't go (and traveling from Thailand would have been a bit excessive!)

Debs - LOL, I said...Impossible not to move about to :-)

Mel - Hehehe, glad you liked! And your right Ms. May rocks :-)

C x

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