Friday, 16 July 2010

Me through the ages (Don't laugh!)

Ages ago I was tagged to do a post featuring photographs of me through the ages (Gawd, it was so long ago that I can't even remember who it was that tagged me!!). I've been feeling slightly guilty about not doing it so here it is....better late than never!!
OMG would you look at that hat!! What was my Mum thinking!!Now I'm wearing my Dad's hat...and I appear to be pretty pleased about it too!!
I was a strange child!!Ha, I look fairly normal in this one!
Me when I was a grumpy teenager! Would you look at the mug on that!!
I must have been about 16 in this photo....not sure why I'm attempting to strangle the cat!! He has that 'OMG get me out of here' look on his wee face. Poor wee soul!Erm, me in my late teens after a few glasses of wine! (I would love to say that I'm all sensible now and don't pull those kind of faces after a few drinks but unfortunately I still do!)It's a wonder I don't have super long arms...would you look at how many rings I'm wearing!! (I've no idea where most of the pictures of me in my 20's are so your going to have to put up with these poncy ones that I had done)Another poncy one when I was in my 20's. Actually I quite like this one...doesn't look anything like me...that's probably why I like it!!I was 30 when Chris and I got married. Awww, doesn't he look handsome in his kilt!

Ok, so it's not totally up-to-date since Chris and I have now been married for five years but when I find some recent (and decent) photos I'll post them (Ha, you may be waiting a while!!).

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you do a similar post please let me know so that I can pop over and laugh....erm, I mean come and see your baby photos :-)


SueG said...

Fantastic, and very brave of you! I love how your bubbly personality comes out in all of them, except the sullen teenager one. But hey -- we all have those!

peter_may said...

Bringing a tear to your poor old dad's glass eye!

Anonymous said...

I love them - what a cute baby!! Can't wait to see you in September. Jane x

Ayak said...

Brilliant. what a great idea for a tag. although I can't attempt it because I have so few photos of me, none to hand of when I was much much younger.

trousers said...

I think you're very brave for posting these pics - and no, I don't mean that as a reflection on the photos themselves, they're great. Clearly, you're an all-round good sport!

Boonsong said...

Great post!!!
I love your dad's hat - I love hats. No wonder you look so made up about it. Who wouldn't. Great photo.
Can't help but feel sorry for the cat.

All the best, Boonsong

Debs said...

What lovely photos! I especially love the hat!

I hate all photos of me, so will happily not post any :)

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely photos, brave to share here though :)

Carol said...

Sue - LOL, I'm not sure about brave...slightly mad maybe but not brave :-).

Hehehe, had to include the sullen teenager one...I just look so totally grumpy in it that it had to be included!

Dad - Awww!!

Jane - Glad you like them honey (there were a few more that I could have put where I appear to be sticking a flower up my nose and another one where I have clearly decided that painting myself would be much more fun than the paper I'm supposed to be using...hmmmm, might put them up later and give everyone a giggle). I can't wait to see you in September can't come quick enough!!

Ayak - I loved seeing everyone's photo's when it was doing the rounds! Shame you don't have many pictures cause it would have been fun to see yours too :-)

Trousers - Like I said to Sue, not brave just a bit bonkers :-). The ones when I was young are much more fun than the poncy's a shame I couldn't find some of my weirder other ones! I might have a look...give you all a good laugh!

Boonsong - I had fun doing this post and I have to say that I do like hats too...just, erm, not that one!! It looks a bit like a flower pot!!

Yeah, I feel sorry for the cat too!!

C x

Carol said...

Debs and LindyLou - You both managed to sneak in there whilst I was commenting!

Debs - Hehehe, the hat one is rather funny isn't it!! I was rather taken with it at the time apparently!!

I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of photo's of me either!!

LindyLou - Oooohhh I think that there has probably been worse ones of me on here :-)

C x

Mary Ray Smith said...

I see you are still continuing with the being beautiful tradition you started as a child. Great photos!

Mel said...

Awwwwww....I'm loving the dad-hat photo. What cool photos--and how fortunate you are to have them TO share.
Well done, you!
When you can bring a tear to the glass eyed dad, that says it loudly! ;-)

BTW, you're right--love the kilt!!

Amanda said...

Fantastic photos Carol x

Mark said...

Exactly as I'd have imagined!

So why don't you have any recent and decent photos - are they indecent! And you living in Malmesbury as well... the very shock of it!

Ha ha.

Nice to see your photo after all this time

Carol said...

Mary - Awww, that's a lovely thing to say. Thank you *blushes*

Mel - I've got a couple of old photo albums so I just took the pictures and scanned them in. I was actually surprised at how well they turned out!

LOL, can you tell we're both Scottish!

Amanda - *grins* thanks hon.

Mark - LOL, I'm not sure whether I should be worried about that or not!!

Totally indecent!! I fully plan to lower the tone of the neighbourhood :-o

C x

L'Aussie said...

They are so gorgeous and so are you. Thanks for sharing with everyone...)

Carol said...

L'Aussie - Welcome and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!! Right, now I'm off over to yours for a nosey...

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

You look gorgeous in all of these photos! Even the grumpy teenager one!

Carol said...

DJ - Hmmmm, I seem to remember something about you having some problems with your eyes *grins*

C x

Jennifer said...

I love the visual timeline!

Carol said...

Jennifer - Does that mean that you will be doing the same? (Cause I would love to see yours :-D)

C x

Talli Roland said...

Aw! What lovely photos Carol - you're gorgeous in them (except maybe that grumpy one, but that's more to do with your expression...).

Carol said...

Talli - Hehehe, I seem to remember that I wasn't long up and was totally unimpressed about having my photo taken! Funny when I think about it now....with digital we would probably have deleted that one!!

C x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great pics Carol - my younger sister loved hats when she was little, we even have a photo of her with a bucket on her head when there was nothing else to hand!!!

ladyfi said...

Oh, such iconic photos of you at every age and stage. Just gorgeous!

Carol said...

Sea Blue Sky - LOL!! I'm pretty sure that there are none of me with a bucket on my head....although I couldn't swear to that!!

LadyFi - Hehehe, they are quite funny aren't they :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

I expected to see the one of you painted from head to foot, but I had better be careful, you have a lot of gruesome photos of me, too!

Love Mum x

Nicky S (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Awwww - you're gorgeous!

Carol said...

Mum - I was considering putting that one up...perhaps I still will :-)

LOL, yes, I do have some truly awful photos of you but I'm saving them till I really want to be mean to you :-)

Nicky - Awwww, I'm not sure I would agree but that's a lovely thing to say :-)

C x

J.J. said...

Carole, not posting on my blog but I did a similar thing on my FB page - my 'look' has changed so much over the years!

Carol said...

JJ - Oooohhh I shall go onto FB now and check it out :-)

C x

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