Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mae Hong Song - Huay Gung School (an update)

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while will probably remember the effect visiting Huay Gung School had on me when I visited the Thai region of Mae Hong Song in 2008 (You can read about it and see 'before' photos here). After the trip the BWG agreed, at my request, to support the school for an initial period of three years in order to get it up to an accepable standard and you may remember that one of my friends here, Anita, very generously donated a substantial sum of money to help with the building of a canteen that was so so despirately needed. Well, the canteen has been completed and it looks absolutley wonderful. I am really proud to have been a part of it

Here is what they had to say (and some photo's of the celebrations):

On Friday, June 11th, the opening of the canteen at Baan Huay Kung School was celebrated. The canteen was a self help project built by the villagers, teachers and students in the Karen hilltribe village of Baan Huay Kung. Funds for equipment were provided by Anita, a friend of former BWG Welfare member, Carol Burns and the British Women's Group.

The opening ceremony was a wonderful occasion with many of the villagers in attendance, although it was a working day for them. The Deputy Director from the Education Department in Mae Hong Son, performed the ribbon cutting and presentation. The students treated the audience to traditional dancing and songs.

The final result is a great credit to the headmistress, Khruu Or, and her team. Special mention should be made of the THEP team who supervised the construction, Khun Sunthorn and Khun Apichart. Construction took approximately 5 months which is an excellent effort, considering the villagers work in the fields most days and the teachers have to teach!

The canteen has a large kitchen and washing area. Although allowance was not made for tiling the floor, the extra money to do this was collected by the teachers. As yet, the canteen has no furniture; the chairs you see in the photo were borrowed from the District Office for the occasion.

The THEP team thank you sincerely on behalf of Khruu Or and the school for this wonderful project which means so much to the welfare of the students. Previously the children were eating, cooking and washing up in the outdoors and on verandahs and in classrooms when it rained. Thanks to you, they now have a beautiful multi purpose building which is basically their canteen but can also be used for meetings, shows and classes.

THEP (Thailand Hilltribe Education Projects)


LadyFi said...

Well done you and everyone else involved! Such a worthwhile project.

Tessa said...

How wonderfully wonderful. It gives the heart its wings.

Carol said...

LadyFi - The place was just to heartbreaking when I went there in 2008 that I was compelled to do what I could to help! Seriously, no-one should have to live the way those people do!!

Tessa - I have to admit that I burst into tears (happy ones) when I saw the photographs.

C x

SueG said...

Wonderful! Well done!!

Carol said...

Sue - I didn't really do anything!! It was Anita's generosity that made it happen :-)

C x

Boonsong said...

I stand in awe of you. Well done!!!

All the best, Boonsong

Mel said...

Being a newcomer on the block, going back to read was required. (I've done a bit of that..LOL)

What a great friend to be so compassionate and giving.
Are we allowed to hug Anita for her loving generosity?

(((((((( Anita )))))))))

And oh MY what a difference in the lives of a whole bunch of children.

Mark said...

A great example of how we can all make a difference. I don't know much about self help projects but the idea seems preferable to many of the mega-projects we hear of.

Carol said...

Boonsong - I love Thailand and the people that live there and I am honoured to be able to do something to help those whom life is an everyday struggle.

Mel - The reason I started the blog was to keep everyone back home up-to-date with what we were doing when we moved and now I'm addicted. I would miss my blog friends terribly if I stopped!

I shall pass that hug on to her. She's one in a million!!

Mark - I firmly believe in empowerment. If you do something for someone then they are always going to need your help...if you SHOW them how to do it then they can do it themselves!! Too many charities keep control by never allowing the people they are working with to learn...I'll be happiest when I'm no longer needed!!

C x

Debs said...

How incredible. Those photos say it all.

Carol said...

Debs - It's wonderful isn't it!! Every time I think about it it makes me smile :-)

C x

Talli Roland said...

Well done! What an amazing project to be involved with!

Queenie said...

That is just terrific.

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