Monday, 29 March 2010

The Stupid Test

Well, we've not been up to much recently so I thought I would share this wee test I came across the other day.

Go on, have a go and let me know how you get on....

Take this quiz: The stupid test

My Results: Obviously I'm not as stupid as I look!!

The stupid test

My Quiz Result: You have failed the stupid test. You aren't as stupid as you think you are. Try living on with your smartness.

Take this quiz: The stupid test

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HelenMHunt said...

That was really good fun. Not that I'm procrastinating or anything.

Kitty said...

I'm not stupid either.

My two ex-husbands beg to differ!

Debs said...

That was fun and it seems that I'm not that stupid either.

French Fancy said...

I'm not either


Molly Potter said...

I enjoyed that Carol. I feel like I have cheated in the stupid test because I have heard of lots of those 'logic' puzzles so I might be a stupid cheat!

Carol said...

Helen - That's why I decided to share it...I had fun answering the questions :-)

Kitty - If it makes you feel any better my Husband would beg to differ too!!

Debs - Hehe, We already knew that!

French Fancy - A test we are both more than happy to fail eh :-)

Molly - I'd heard of some of them before too...but I don't think that makes us cheats!!

C x

LadyFi said...

Ha ha! Trying living with your smartness..that's funny!

Carol said...

Lady Fi - I quite liked that too!!

C x

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