Sunday, 21 March 2010

It's just the best....

The gorgoeus DJ over at Chez Aspie has tagged me to do a 'Best' meme. So here goes....

1. Best food? just can't beat a good curry!! (which is why we had one on our wedding day!)

2. Best day of the year? I can't think of a best day of the year....any one that involves friends, laughter and food is pretty good in my book!!

3. Best day of the week? I love Sundays! Chris and I usually spend the day chilling or sometimes we'll go do some exploring and then we'll come back and cook something yummy.

4. Best de-stresser? Drawing and cooking (obviously not at the same time...that would just get messy!!)

5. Best toy as a child? I had a dressing up box full of my Mum's old clothes, shoes and make up and I loved it!! I would spend hours in my room getting all dressed up...the rainbow skirt was my favourite (Oh how I shudder to think of it now!!)

6. Best season? It's got to be autumn...crisp cold afternoons with blue skys and trees that look like they are on fire! I didn't realise how much I loved it till we lived in Thailand...they don't have an autumn!

7. Best living arrangements? Erm, anywhere Chris is! (Feel free to barf in the nearest bucket!)

8. Best flower? love love em!! I used to buy huge bundles of them for next to nothing when I lived in Thailand...the house would be covered in them after a trip to the flower market.

9. Best book ever? I'm with DJ on this one...Impossible to choose one!!

10. Best exercise? There's a best exercise?? Really??

I enjoyed doing this...thanks DJ :-)


French Fancy said...

I love memes - I know they have their critics but it really is the best and quickest way for a snapshot into someone's world.

I think curry for a wedding breakfast is an excellent idea - in fact I am with you on all your choices - if you substitute Chris's name with Mr FF of course! Oh, and maybe take out the drawing element...and I didn't really dress up as a child. In other words, memes are unique to that person

Carol said...

FF - I love them you said, they are a great way of getting a snapshot into someones life!

I loved our wedding meal...we had lots of different curry dishes put in the middle of each table along with a selection of breads and everyone then just helped themselves!! (and I managed not to dribble any down my front)

Your comment did make me what your saying is that your Meme would be exactly the same but completely different!! *grins*

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Yeah, with you on lots of those answers but the best exercise answer made me laugh out loud!

LadyFi said...

I used to love curries, but not any more... Oh the drawbacks of getting old! ;-) I think it's great you had curry at your wedding! That rocks.

Molly Potter said...

I always like reading about people's personal preferences and facts etc..

I had this theory that people tend to like the season their birthday is in best - don't always work out but lots of people appear to.

Funny how denying we become when we express sentimentality about our partners! What are we like. i think it's lovely that you've got such a lovely relationship. I resisited the urge to counteract that with any counter-sentimentality but it was hard!

Mark said...

So curry, cooked slowly on an autumn Sunday with some friends... in your dressing up clothes with a selection of books and crayons to hand! Sounds pretty good.

French Fancy said...

I am so impressed, Carol. You must really have summoned up control and balance not to end up with one little yellow splatter down your wedding dress. I could never have done it


Debs said...

I love that you had curry on your wedding day and that you have such fun with your husband. I adore orchids and have quite a few around the house. I can never have enough of them.

DJ Kirkby said...

One of my best things about you is tha tyou love your Chris as much as I love mine. We're lucky to be married to such magnificent men! And, as for the curry well you'll never get served one Chez Aspie because I am allergic to them; they cause massive peripheral vasodilation in me and I collapse!

HelenMHunt said...

I would be equally unable to answer the 'best exercise' question!

Carol said...

JJ - *grins* for me the word best and the word exercise don't belong in the same sentence!!

LadyFi - I used to love curry but they didn't like me....happily I seemed to grow out of that phase!!

We decided that since we were paying for it we would have the wedding that we wanted....I think some of the relatives were slightly taken aback!

Molly - That's interesting! I was born in August which I think is still classed as summer....perhaps it was all the heat in Thailand that made me appreciate cold crisp days more!

LOL, I is funny that we tend to hide sentimentality behind humour...I don't know why that is!!

Mark - Now that, apart from the dressing up bit, sounds like my perfect day!!

French Fancy - I was so proud of myself at the end of the meal! (and I made Tom drink white wine because he has a habit of spilling his wine everywhere and he was sat next to me!)

Debs - There is just something wonderful about them isn't there...they kind of look like they shouldn't work but they looik stunning!!

DJ - We are indeed...although I might not tell my Chris that he's magnificent....he'll get a big head and I'll never hear the end of it!!

I know that your allergic....that's why I'm thinking Moroccan when you visit. You like Moroccan?

Helen - LOL...yes I firmly believe that there is no such thing!!

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Yes I like Moroccan and my Chris LOVES it.

Tessa said...

I agree with French Fancy - these memes are a wonderful way of being allowed a glimpse of a blogpal's life, loves, delights and interests!

Oh and Carol, thank you so much for your visits to and comments on my really means such a lot to me. Sorry I've been so appallingly bad at keeping up with you and other blogpals for the last few months. As you've probably gathered, it's all been rather dramatic...especially lately! Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the blog swing of things in a while - I miss it more than I ever imagined I would!

In the meantime, I do hope all is wonderful with you. xxx

cheshire wife said...

Regarding your answers to 9 & 10. There is a best of everything, but sometimes it can be very difficult to make a choice.

Carol said...

DJ - Yay!! In that case I think I know what I'm going to cook when you visit :-)

K-Bom - Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment!! Your right, I always get excited when I see that I have new comments to read!

I shall pop over to yours once I have finished typing this!

Tessa - You have absolutley nothing to apologise for!! I am well aware how difficult things have been for you recently so don't give it a second thought!!

I hope your feeling better hon!

Cheshire Wife - That is very true...and I certainly agree with it when it comes to books but exercise...well....I'm not convinced there is one :-)

C x

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