Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Ok, so in my attempt to blog more I'm sharing more of my Uni stuff (which is probably making most of you lose the will to live and for that I do apologise)...the trouble is that, at the moment, I have no life so if I don't blog about Uni then I don't blog!!

I've been working on a new drawing for my learning log around the concept of Identity. I took part in a social policy simulation called Vibe City (140 students from four different Universities) which I found extremely challenging. As part of the exercise I was representing the Business Sector so had to drastically alter how I would normally have approached the issues that needed addressed and that had an impact on how people dealt with me during the exercise. It got me thinking about issues of Identity...the social groups and catergories that form part of our self worth, the personal values and convictions that form our personal identity and also how what we do for a living are all tied up in what makes us....well, us (does that make any sense what-so-ever?). After the Vibe City experience I persuaded Tom to come with me to see the exhibition 'Identity: Eight rooms, nine lives' which is currently on at the Wellcome Trust which was absolutely fasinating...did you know, for example, that we now have cases of identical twins born five years apart? (That boggled my mind till I thought about it...same egg + same sperm + frozen = identical twin)

Erm, that was rather a long introduction to my latest scribbling....sorry about that...here it is (Click on it if you want to see a bigger version)


Queenie said...

I like that a lot. Especially the tree in the middle with its symbolism of growth. (Not sure if that's what you meant - but that's what I saw!)

LadyFi said...

Great drawing! A good way to visualize things.

As for identical twins being born five years apart - I always thought that twins were born at the same time. We'll have to think up a new name for these kind of twins...

Carol said...

Queenie - That was exactly what I was going for with the tree *grins* maybe I'm not as totally bonkers as I think I am (or maybe I am and your just right there with me!)

Lady Fi - Thank you...I have discovered that drawing something helps me see kind of sort out what I think in my head (OMG now I'm really starting to sound bonkers!!)

yeah the twin thing was odd...they had photo's of two girls at the same age and they were absolutely identical but born five years apart!! I think we'll see more of this kind of thing as time goes on.

C x

Carol said...

Note to self: Must actually read my comments back to people before posting them!!

Lady Fi - That should read...

I have discovered that drawing something helps me kind of sort out...

C x

French Fancy said...

I tried to leave a comment and it got eaten up by an error message - let's hopethis goes through.

I love the way you've incorporated your artistic talent with your studies. Oh, I can't remember what else I put now.


French Fancy said...

Yay, it worked.

Oh yes, I went on about how our jobs identify us really and how, as a non-working person, if I went to a party in London with ad agency types (as if) - they wouldn't give me the time of day - as a non-job holding person.

Molly Potter said...

I love how your head works Carol and your creativity.

Carol said...

French Fancy - It's weird, Mark was having problems leaving a comment on the last post....bad blogger *slaps bloggers hand*

I'm lucky that my weird head drawings seem to fit very well with the subject matter :-) (It also helps that the blurb which sets out marking criteria also stated that I could include art work)

Hehehe, if I went to a party in London with ad agency types they probably wouldn't give me the time of day either!! I'd be the one looking wild and woolly in the corner (I don't think I've ever managed the well groomed look) watching people's eye glaze over the minute I mentioned 'not-for-profit'. Pah, bet we'd have waaaaay more fun swigging the champers and people watching from the corner :-)

Molly - LOL, you love how my head works? I worry about how my head works :-D

C x

HelenMHunt said...

I love that representation and the way you've expressed identity. Very thoughtful stuff.

JJ Beattie said...

Fab picture as always. I love the way the Wellcome Trust mixes arts and sciences. Their exhibitions are always brilliant.

PS I'm with you, Carol, I worry about how your head works!

Queenie said...

Carol, I think your second 'maybe' is right on the money!!!

Carol said...

Helen - It's something that is very difficult to put your finger on isn't it....I really struggled to come up with something concise!!

JJ - *blushes* thank you :-).

The Wellcome Trust is great...I think you would have loved the exhibition...they managed to convey some very difficult ideas graphically which really made an impact. One of the rooms was all about the actress Fiona Shaw and it was just superb!!

LOL, you worry about me? Ha, you've got a cheek ;-)

Queenie - I had a sneaky suspicion that you might agree with my second maybe :-D

C x

SueG said...

Lobe the drawing...especially the way the face has a real sweetness to it, a genuine thoughtfulness. I do love your drawings.....and the Wellcome - that's a place that's on my list of places I need to go to. I'm beginning to harbor a fantasy about working there on my next novel. I must go to this exhibition you suggested!

Mark said...

I like this - almost literally a 'mind map'

I think our identities are also influenced by what we know and what we don't know, particularly about the wider world - knowledge is no doubt part of the categories you have already included, but somehow it seems important on its own. I guess the identity of an isolated tribe would change dramatically once its memebers come into contact with an outside world. Woud our sense of identity would change if we were contacted by an extra terrestrial intelligence - I think it almost certainly would.

LittleBrownDog said...

Identity - a fascinating subject. Who are we and how did we get to be who we are? And an absolutely fabulous picture there.

Carol said...

SueG - I'm glad you like it!! (I had fun drawing it)

Oh, you should definitely go to the exhibition...it's fab!! I think you would love the Fiona Shaw reading...each character she depicts is absolutely convincing!! If you go I would love to hear what you think of it :-)

Mark - I never thought of it as a mind map but your right....that's exactly what it is!!

I think your right about knowledge too. It is implied in my definitions but perhaps I should have given more importance to it. Knowledge enables us to be critical of our world rather than just accept it and once our eye's are opened we then have the power to change our situation thus changing our identity. Hmmm...you've given me more food for thought!!

Little Brown Dog - It is fascinating isn't it..even more so when you think about how much our identity changes as we get older...it's always a kind of work in progress!!

Glad you like it hon :-)

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Have I told you lately what a fabulous artist you are?

cheshire wife said...

Identity is so complicated that even identical twins are not truly identical even when they share a birthday.

Ann said...

Must be on the wrong page, was looking for Carol's blog, this one is too posh, so cannot be Carol's.

Ann said...

Okay it was the right one, did you win the lottery then hen!!.

Great picture Carol.
Do you know the first thought that came into my head when I saw this, our Coat of Arms.
There's the tree that never grew,
There's the bird that never flew,
There's the fish that never swam,
There's the bell that never rang.
The tree in the middle brought this to mind, stabilizing everything, branching out in all directions, as in life, as in the brain.
What about DW?.

Carol said...

DJ - Awww, that's a lovely thing to say :-)

Cheshire Wife - It's not something that is easy to define because none of us just have one identity!! As you said, even identical twins are not truely identical!

Ann - Oi, you trying to say I'm not posh? (Your completely right of course but that's not the point!!). Hehehe, no lottery win....just thought it needed sprucing up a bit.

Interesting...I think different people see different things when they look at it!!

Did you see it? (I have a sneaky suspicion that is a stupid question!) What did you think of the new Dr?

C x

Ann said...

Superglued my two dogs mouth shut, took the phone off the hook, flung away the mobile, made Mr Ann go away and play on the railway line ( he is not a fan ), and watched, with much trepidation, and loved it Carol, just loved it, Matt Smith is great as the new doctor, and I loved his quirky style, loved Karen, and how good was that little girl who played a younger Amy Pond, what a wonderful little actress she is, of course it does help that they are both Scots ha!.

How about Mr Man, did he enjoy, did you?.

To me the tree was the centre piece of your most excellent drawing Carol, the branches symbolizing so many things.

PS, maybe I just had Glasgow on the brain yesterday, booked for Rod the Mod in July, and I was all giddy ha!.

Calico Kate said...

Hi Carol, sorry not to have been isiting for a while,but thank you so much for dropping by and leaving lovely comments.
I like your new blog layout - very scholarly.
Well done on your 'A's' - such a relif I'll bet.
More again soon

Carol said...

Ann - I thought he was great too!! He really worked the part and made it his own...not an easy task after having to follow in the footsteps of Mr Tennant!! (I also thought the tardis looked rather fab!!)

Yep, Chris liked him too...and I got a text message from my mate Tom (who I stay with when I'm in London) to say that he thought he was great as well!

Apparently the guy who has taken over is the one that wrote the episode blink...which I think was my favourite...so I have high hopes for this season!!

Rod the Mod? *shakes head in disbelief*

Calico Kate - Don't worry, you have had your hands full!!

Glad you like the new blog...just felt it needed a bit of an overhaul (ha, it's a bit like me really...I could do with an overhaul too but somehow I think that would be harder than just adding some code!)

C x

Ann said...

""Rod the Mod? *shakes head in disbelief*""

I know Carol, the shame, the utter shame, especially as you know this is not my kind of music,though how can you not love anybody who co wrote and sang Maggie May and my fav Handbags and Gladrags.

Your missing the best part here, Glasgow, pubs, clubs, greasy ( great line in the Doctor, your a Scot, so fry something )food, fish and chips, Irn Bru, the Barra's, pubs, how could anybody refuse.

Knew you would like DW, blink, oh that was amazing Carol, I was terrified to blink ha!, those Weeping Angels. I loved the Girl in the Fireplace, Madame de Pompadour's amazing mind, Carol, are we sad or what, okay I am sadder, Rod the Mod.
I will never get to live that down, will I.

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