Monday, 22 February 2010

What do you get when a Scotsman, an Irishman and a Russian visit California?

You get....are you ready for this.....MAN FUN!! (A term coined by Egor the Russian which horrified the other two and prompted Chris to state 'Will you please stop calling it that!')

Yes, Chris and his two colleagues shared the cost of hiring a Mustang for the day and then drove into San Francisco! (Yep, the San Francisco well known for it's large Gay Community hence the reaction to the term 'Man Fun'). Although I shook my head in despair when told about it, I do think it's very cool to be able to say that you have driven a Mustang down the very roads that inspired one of the most famous car chases in a movie ever!!

For those of you that don't know, Bullitt is a very famous film set in San Francisco which starred Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Vaughn. It was the first movie to have a car chase in it which lasted 11 minutes........Steve McQueen, playing Lt. Frank Bullitt, driving a Ford Mustang through the streets of San Francisco trying to avoid hit men.....still one of the best car chases I've ever seen!!

Unfortunately Chris has the photo's on his computer but I will upload one of him standing next to the Mustang grinning like a haddy when he gets home tonight! So, he spent two weeks in California....there are about three photo's of the golden bridge, none of where he was staying, none of Carmel (where Clint Eastwood lives), none of the pub they drank in that is owned by Clint Eastwood and about a zillion of the car!! (including one of the engine....I think I am perfectly entitled to despair!!)

Ps. Sorry for the lack of blogging and visiting!! My new semester has started and the work load is hideous....two assessments a week for one class and don't even get me started on the amount of reading I have to do!! I will try and get round you all but I'm not promising anything!!
(Actually, I am really missing catching up with you's not just cause I'm nosey.....Ok, maybe a wee bit!!)


JJ Beattie said...

Men really are a bit hopeless aren't they?

LadyFi said...

That's hilarious - typical men!

Hope you're enjoying the new term.

LilyS said...

lol that made me laugh about having no photos of where they stayed but a zillion of the car. Typical men!

Juniper said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by capers, you sound very busy with the course! Good luck with it, the snow will help you focus.
Very very funny that there are many pictures of the car and nearly none of all the rest. Look forward to seeing the car and the happy men faces.
Do try the chilli, its perfect for cold weather, I remember coming in off skating on the lake for bowls of it when I was a kid. Add some extra chilis, am guessing you and your mr. can take spicy things.

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Men eh! The CH and our new male edition to the family, Banjo the Bunny, are sitting in the lounge watching Top Gear.

Carol said...

JJ - LOL. They certainly have their moments!!

LadyFi - I still despair every time I think about it!! Erm, if I'm honest...I'm not really enjoying the new term! The work load is huge and I'm just feeling really really tired! I didn't get much of a break over Christmas and now I'm struggling...still, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger eh!! (I've only just started so it might get better once I get into it)

Lily - I couldn't believe it!! He drank in a bar owned by Clint Eastwood (a man I wanted to marry when I was a kid!! Yeah, I'm not sure why either!!) and no photos!!

Juniper - At the moment I'm kinda wishing that I was at the end of the course rather than in the middle of it!! Will probably feel better once I know whether I passed last semester or not....won't know till March!!

I will definitely give the chilli a go....the recipe looks divine and yes, we're a couple that like our food spicy!! The last time I made Tom Yum Goong (Hot and sour spicy prawn soup) I made it so hot that my Mum's eyes watered when she ate it!

Previously (V) Lost in France - LOL....Banjo the Bunny...what an utterly brilliant name!! (Top Gear is one of my guilty pleasures so I can't really say anything!!)

C x

French Fancy said...

Oh lucky old Chris. I've had a few hols along the west coast and I just love it there. Hopefully you'll get to go along with him next time.

I understand about the work load and well done on not succumbing to just idling away the time on here and then getting into a panic about the deadlines. You are going to do very well (she typed, whilst feeling a bit guilty that her next marked piece is due Friday and yet she is messing about on here)


Debs said...

So funny. Men and their cars. Glad they had such a great time.

Good luck with your workload.

My dad had a gold Ford Mustang Mark II, however, I hasten to add that it was the early 1970s. Unfortunately it wasn't in San Francisco, but in Jersey. He's always been a little eccentric. Must be where I get it from, I suppose.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I had a boyfriend years ago that cmae back with pictures of women from his holidays! It helped him to see the error of his ways when he got his marching orders! Cheeky bugger.

Loved the Man Fun comment. Thankfully he didn't translate it as bum fun!

Molly Potter said...

It was nice to 'see' you yesterday! I wondered where you had got to. I hadn't realised you'd been embroiled in course-work. Poor you...I hope you're enjoying it really though.

HelenMHunt said...

Good luck with the studying.

Louise said...

I used to have a boyfriend had Mustang...sigh!

Lane said...

So funny. Sounds like he's had a brilliant time.

Good luck with all your course work!

Carol said...

French Fancy - He didn't get to see that much of it becausse most of his time was spent in the office but I think he was chuffed that he got to see the Golden Bridge. He also bought me three stunning prints from an Artist who had a stall next to the bridge so I was chuffed that he got to go there too :-)

I've feeling a bit swamped at the moment but got some positive verbal feedback yesterday (no marks yet) so am feeling a bit more positive today.

Debs - I think Chris would kill to have a Mustang...he was fair taken with it!! He said it went like shit of a shovel (I can't help but feel that it's probably just as well he doesn't have one!!).

Yay, we like eccentrics :-)

MOB - OMG!! At what point did he think that was a good idea?? The term Eeejit springs to mind!

Hehehe, yes...Bum fun would have been a lot worse :-)

Molly - I'm finding it tough at the moment. I've still not got my marks back from last semester so I'm's hard not knowing whether I'm going about the assignments in the right way or whether I need to raise my game. As I said to FF, I got a wee bit of verbal feedback yesterday so am feeling more positive today.

Helen - Thanks the moment I need all the luck I can get :-)

Louise - I'm assuming it's the car you miss not the boyfriend? :-)

Lane - Three men of a similar age with a similar sense of humour...God help us all!!

Thanks hon

C x

Debbie said...

Sounds like a very interesting trip!

cheshire wife said...

Good luck with your assessments.

Maybe you didn't miss so much after all, if Chris didn't take photos.

DJ Kirkby said...

Is it May yet? :)

Mark said...

Not been in touch for ages - hope all is well. I am threatening to come out of hibernation soon, but workload busy too, and somehow need to concentrate on my course. And playing the banjo too!

Carol said...

Debbie - Apart from having to work, I think he quite enjoyed it!!

Cheshire Wife - Thank you...I have a feeling that I'm going to need it!!

It sounded fab from his descriptions...he's going back in May so perhaps I can persuade him to take a few more photo's this time!!

DJ - Oh hon, I wish it was!!

Mark - I've been wondering how you have been getting on...hope the workload is not too heavy and that your enjoying the writing and, erm, the banjo playing!

C x

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